Working on behalf of our trusted partners, Prime Deployed installs medical devices with minimal disruption to staff, patients and their loved ones. 


Our Story

A national corporation with a Midwest mentality, Prime Communications, Inc. provides customized technology solutions to protect and connect your people and facilities. 

In 2001, Brian Kenkel and Steve Kanne sought to build a business where people felt they were part of something bigger than themselves. A vision for growth branched the partners out of their roles in cabling sales and they set up shop in a 10 by 10 office space in Eastern NebraskaPrime Communications, Inc. opened their doors on July 2nd2001 with perseverance as their guide. While the company’s origins were rooted in cabling, Prime’s founders aspired to offer a complete suite of technology solutions. After executing projects for large hospitals and fast food chains, they expanded their product offerings in 2005 when their paths crossed with Jamie Bumgardner, who believed in the potential to provide advanced, security solutions and ongoing client support. 

With the addition of talented team members and continued growth, Prime created dedicated business units centered on its core product offerings: Prime Connected, Prime Secured, Prime Deployed and Prime Managed. By 2020, Prime Communications had provided a solution in all 50 states for national enterprises and local entities alikeAnd while the Prime owners are excited about where they have been, they are even more excited about where they are going. 

Our Services

  • Deploying of Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Pre-Stage and Programming Support of Nurse Call Systems
  • Deployment of Nurse Call Systems
  • Clinical Training Rooms
  • Inventory Staging
  • Assembly of Medical Devices
  • Infant Warmers
  • Installation of Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Copper and Fiber Infrastructure Installation for Medical Devices
  • Go-Live Support

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